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The Culture Guide

Nov 26, 2020

During this last episode of season five, Tim answers questions received from listeners on important topics such as where to begin in building a strong company culture, how to handle a workplace where it feels nearly impossible to establish consistency, and what to do when you know you’ve made a mistake. Don’t miss...

Nov 19, 2020

How does a leader earn respect? Are there specific things they must do? On this podcast, Tim answers these questions and offers three specific practices leaders can focus on to gain respect and lead effectively. And trust us, the three things may surprise you! If you want to have success as a leader then this episode is...

Nov 12, 2020

Consistency is important to building a high-performing company culture, but how do you remain consistent in a rapidly changing world?  In this podcast Tim discusses the importance of consistency and how leaders can establish it even with changes all around.  

Nov 5, 2020

Today’s podcast is all about executive coaching and why having the right business coach can help you build a strong company culture. In this episode Tim explains what executive coaching is, what an executive coach does, how it can help, common reasons why a leader may reach out to a coach, and even how much it costs. ...

Oct 29, 2020

With so many challenges your organization faces, how do you convince the best to join your team? While most companies compete for talent with salary and benefits, you don’t have to. Discover a new way you can compete and win over good talent on this week’s podcast.