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The Culture Guide

Oct 29, 2020

With so many challenges your organization faces, how do you convince the best to join your team? While most companies compete for talent with salary and benefits, you don’t have to. Discover a new way you can compete and win over good talent on this week’s podcast.

Oct 22, 2020

In today’s podcast Tim shares the very first step every leader should take to build a strong company culture. He also explores why this step is so critical and how it can make all the difference. Finally, he provides three simple questions all leaders and organizations must answer in order to establish great cultures....

Oct 15, 2020

Most leaders and organizations understand their company culture affects outcomes, but most underestimate by how much. In today’s podcast Tim shares three unexpected yet significant reasons why a company’s culture is so important and why every leader should be focused on it. If you’ve ever wondered how much...

Oct 8, 2020

With so many thoughts and opinions on what company culture is, it can be confusing. On today’s episode of the podcast Tim offers a simple definition to clear the air and shares three things every leader must know about company culture.  Listening to this podcast will help you improve your organization’s culture.

Oct 1, 2020

Last episode Tim shared three steps leaders and organizations can follow to change their company’s culture. Today, Tim adds one more important piece of advice that serves like a rocket booster when combined with the three steps provided last week. This item plays an important role in achieving success, especially when...